The Bend in the Bayou

The Bend in the BayouJoin me in celebrating the release of my first novel, The Bend in the Bayou, available at and in New Orleans at Fair Grinds Coffeehouse and Maple Street Book Shop at the Bayou St. John location. 

Sixteen years ago, Eva Thomas’ mother fled New Orleans with her only child. Constantly on the move, the two traveled the country from one small town to another, never setting down roots and never returning to New Orleans. Now, two months before her 17th birthday, Eva is being sent home to her birthplace to fulfill a promise to her father and learn the secrets of her past and inevitable future.

The year is 2010, the New Orleans Saints are on the verge of winning the Super Bowl, and Eva’s father has sent handsome Jackson Durieux to both protect and teach his daughter about the world of immortals she is destined to lead. The result of a nearly impossible union between her mortal mother and immortal father, Eva struggles with her desire to remain normal, her increasing addiction to the immortal Jackson and her fate that was predetermined at her birth.

Following a timeline of real events, The Bend in the Bayou weaves a mystical world into the threads of present-day New Orleans. Filled with evil adversaries, first love, local history and lots of coffee, this book takes the reader on a fantastical journey through an already enchanted city.